Fixed Deposit Calculator

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Fixed Deposit is quite a popular term in India. The FD (Fixed Deposit) Calculator can be used by those who are looking to park their hard earned money in Fixed Deposits or any other instrument. The calculator will let you know the maturity value of your deposit amount for the specified time frame.

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How to use the FD Calculator?

The entries to make are:

  • Principal Amount (Rs) – Enter the amount you have invested or like to invest in the Fixed Deposit.
  • Rate of Interest – Enter the annual rate of interest being received or expected to receive on the FD.
  • Deposit Period – Enter the number of months you wish to deposit your money.

Once you click on Calculate, the Online FD calculator will display the maturity amount to be received for the FD, which includes the principal as well as interest on the FD.

By default, Fixed Deposits are compounded quarterly.

Power of compounding can be magical for you if you are ready to invest for long term. For instance, if you would have invested Rs.1,00,000 in top rated Fixed Deposits like DHFL or STFC 8 years ago, your money would have doubled to Rs. 2,00,000 today.




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