Inflation Calculator

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Inflation worries are not unknown. The rising prices of commodities frequently remind us of this term. The Inflation based Future Value Calculator can be used by those who are worried about the ever increasing inflation levels and would like to know the future cost of their current expenses. It is also popularly known as Inflation Calculator.

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How to use this calculator?

The entries to make are:

  • Current Cost (Rs) – Enter the current cost of your expenses be it monthly or yearly. You can include all your personal as well as family expenses here.
  • Expected Inflation Rate (% p.a) – Enter the expected annual inflation rate for the coming few years. You can look into the past data to get an insight into what is coming forward. Typical average inflation rate would be around 6-7% p.a.
  • Number of years – Enter the number of years for which you want to check the future cost of your expenses.

Click on Calculate to check out the future cost of your expenses for the stated time frame and inflation rate.

The result helps you to plan for your financial goals which might be impacted due to rising inflation.




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