Corporate Fixed Deposits are one of the many money raising tools for Companies. Through these, Companies raise money from the public and offer a fixed rate of interest for different tenures. The amount of money which can be raised is decided by the Approving authorities.

As a part of your portfolio, Corporate Fixed Deposits provide much needed stability in returns and also reduce volatility. They best suit investors who prefer fixed returns on their investments. Karvy Value offers top rated FDs with varied duration and interest rate.

Other General Features:

  • These have periodic interest payment option (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually) and Cumulative option (Compounded and paid at maturity) specific to the deposit.
  • They offer higher rates of interest than regular bank deposits.
  • Issue is rated by Independent Rating agencies like CARE, CRISIL, ICRA etc.
  • Some Fixed Deposits can be bought online
  • No TDS if interest is up to Rs. 5000 in a single financial year.

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