Here are the Top performing Mutual Fund MIPs to invest.

Monthly Income Plans follow a conservative investment strategy, allocating only 10-20% of their corpus to equities and putting the rest 80-90% in safer bonds and other debt instruments. The returns are definitely higher than regular Post office MIPs and are enough to beat inflation.

    MF MIPs

  • Capital at low risk
  • 3 Year average returns of 12% p.a.
  • Withdrawals can be hiked
  • Lower tax due to indexation
  • No withdrawal penalty after 1 year

    Post Office MIPs

  • Very safe
  • Returns of 7.8% p.a - fail to beat inflation
  • No flexibility
  • Tax inefficient as interest if fully taxable
  • Penalty of 1-2% up to 3 years upon premature withdrawals